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Trade Show Bags

Trade shows are the backbone of every industry. There are many ways to broadcast your company’s message at trade shows including custom trade show bags. Is that a good thing? If you are a large company with deep pockets I suppose so, but what if you are a small or medium sized company on a budget for your trade show?

This is one of the main reasons why trade show bags are so popular. All the trade shows attendees are barraged with samples and literature and of course, they will require a bag to carry them. Why not a give them a custom printed poly bag branded with your company’s name on it that displays your company’s message?


Trade Show Bags are obviously no secret, in fact these days more and more companies are utilizing them, as they are a low cost and effective solution for advertising your company to the trade show attendees.

One of the trade shows coming up is the Converting and Package Printing Expo that is held in Chicago, Ill. So how do you make your trade show bag stand out? Here are a few helpful tips to maximize your investment in trade show bags:

  • Choose a heavy gauge plastic or Non-Woven Polypropylene (NWPP) reusable bag
  • A light but bright color plastic bag film will always make the bag “pop”
  • Never choose a dark plastic bag film color as your message on the printed trade show bag will get lost in the background


Some people think they need to print multiple colors on each side of the trade show bag, not true. A crisp one or 2-color print, laid out properly will gain as much attention from the trade show crowd. The most popular printed plastic trade show bags are known as patch handle bags. Another name for these bags is reinforced die cut handle plastic bags. For small bags 9 x12 or 12 x 15 trade show bags, 1.75 mil is acceptable, for larger plastic trade show bags such as 15 x 18 or 20 x 20 I would recommend 2.5 mil, it will separate you from the pack regarding the quality of the bag.

Whatever trade show bag you choose, make sure you allow the proper amount of time to customize and ship your poly bags, to avoid paying for overnight shipping directly to the trade show!