Leak Proof Bags

Leak Proof Bags

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Our Leak Proof Bags are great for the transportation of liquids. They contain an EVA additive that prevents the bags from bursting or leaking when placed in colder surroundings. Our Leak Proof Bags are ideal for transporting ice, water or even tropical fish! They are available in 1.4 and 1.8 Mil Low Density Polyethylene and come in a large variety of sizes. All of our Leak Proof Bags can be customized and printed in larger quantities. Please refer to our custom products page for more details.

Product Options

Color Size Count Per Case Gauge
Clear 6(W) x 12(L) 1000 1.4 Mil
Clear 8(W) x 15(L) 1000 1.4 Mil
Clear 9(W) x 15(L) 1000 1.8 Mil
Clear 9(W) x 18(L) 1000 1.8 Mil
Clear 10(W) x 20(L) 1000 1.8 Mil
Clear 10(W) x 24(L) 1000 1.8 Mil
Clear 12(W) x 18(L) 1000 1.8 Mil