Kraft Paper SOS Bags

Kraft Paper SOS Bags

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Our Kraft Paper SOS Bags have a durable flat bottom that makes them perfect for candy, books, groceries, and more! They have gussets and die-cut, self-opening thumb notches. These bags are available in a large variety of sizes and are made of Kraft Paper. Our Kraft Paper SOS Bags can be customized, hot stamped and printed in larger quantities. Please refer to our custom products page for more details.

Product Options

Color Size Count Per Case
Kraft 3(W) x 1 7/8(D) x 6 1/4(L) 500
Kraft 3 1/2(W) x 2 1/4(D) x 7(L) 500
Kraft 4 1/4(W) x 2 3/8(D) x 8 3/16(L) 500
Kraft 5(W) x 3 1/8(D) x 10(L) 500
Kraft 5 1/4(W) x 3 1/2(D) x 10 3/4(L) 500
Kraft 6(W) x 4(D) x 11(L) 500
Kraft 6 1/4(W) x 3 13/16(D) x 12 1/2(L) 500
Kraft 6 9/16(W) x 4 1/16 (D) X 13 3/16(L) 500
Kraft 7 1/8(W) x 4 3/8(D) X 13 15/16(L) 500
Kraft 7 11/16(W) x 4 7/8(D) X 16 1/16(L) 500
Kraft 8(W) x 6(D) x 14(L) 500
Kraft 8 1/4(W) x 5 1/2(D) x 18(L) 500
Kraft 9 3/4(W) x 6(D) x 16 1/2(L) 500
Kraft 12(W) x 7(D) x 17(L) 500