Flat Colored Poly Bags

When you choose to purchase colored poly bags from Adart Poly Bag, you’re in good hands.  There is nothing we won’t do to make sure your order is handled with the utmost care, ensuring you get the exact items you want at an incredible price and delivered on time, too!

We also custom manufacture every type of plastic, paper and vinyl bag and can print up to 8 colors, including process print.  Our factories are located in the US, as well as abroad.  For large custom orders (of 25,000 bags or more), please call our custom order department at (516) 932-1001 or email sales@adartpolybag.com.

Our Flat Colored Poly Bags are made especially for consumer recognition! They are constructed out of 2 and 3 Mil Low Density Polyethylene, and come in multiple colors. All of our Flat Colored Poly Bags can be customized and printed in larger quantities. Please refer to our custom products page for more details.