Antistatic Zip Lock Bags

Antistatic Zip Lock Bags

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Our Antistatic Zip Lock Bags are resistant to wrinkles and creases, and protect your items against static damage. They are side-seal assembled with a reinforced side-welded zipper to protect sensitive items from damage cause by static electricity, dirt and moisture. Resealable, single-track zipper stands up to repeated use. Transparent bags with pink tint are easily identified during shipping or storage. They are constructed out of 4 Mil Low Density Polyethylene film and come in a large variety of sizes. All of our Antistatic Zip Lock Bags can be customized and printed in larger quantities. Please refer to our custom products page for more details.

Product Options

Color Size Gauge Count Per Case
Pink 2.5(W) x 3(L) 4 Mil 1000
Pink 3(W) x 5(L) 4 Mil 1000
Pink 4(W) x 6(L) 4 Mil 1000
Pink 6(W) x 8(L) 4 Mil 1000
Pink 8(W) x 10(L) 4 Mil 1000
Pink 9(W) x 12(L) 4 Mil 1000
Pink 12(W) x 12(L) 4 Mil 500
Pink 13(W) x 18(L) 4 Mil 500