Printed Paper Bags

Printed paper bags are available at most grocery stores and markets. Many years ago printed paper bags were the only type of shopping bag available. Now, there are a lot of poly bag options available, including customized poly bags and printed plastic bags.

Many people prefer printed paper bags over plastic bags because they feel it is better for the environment. Some reuse and repurpose paper shopping bags at home after they empty out the groceries. Paper shopping bags are used to hold your recyclables until they can be disposed of.

Printed Paper Bags

Printed paper bags and customized paper bags are a nice option for grocery stores. Retailers can sell advertising space on their bags to the offset the cost of the bags. Printer paper shopping bags can have ads from other retailers or even coupons that encourage shoppers to come back to the store.

High-end grocery chains use a higher end version of the custom printed bag. It has matching paper handles attached to the top of the bag. This allows the bag to be carried easily.

Pharmacy, gift shops and boutiques also use printed paper bags to package purchases. Pharmacies use small, lightweight paper bags for small purchases including cards, candy and other small items. Many pharmacies use custom printed paper bags for their prescriptions. The most custom common bag color for a pharmacy is white with red lettering.

Somewhere in between these two sizes is the paper bag chain restaurants use for their takeout orders. Burger restaurants everywhere bundle up cheeseburgers and French fries in portable, medium-sized paper sacks. These bags also carry the logo and messaging of the restaurant.

Boutique stores use sturdy paper gift bags to bundle up purchases. These bags are thicker and usually have a glossy finish on the shopping bag. Many of the paper bags for boutiques can stand up on their own, making it fast and easy to fill them.

Higher end paper gift bags have ribbon handles and come in colors. Purchases are typically wrapped in tissue paper so fragile items are not damaged on the way home. Many of the custom printed paper bags are so nice, they are reused as gift bags.

There are many custom printed paper bag choices. Most retailers have more than one bag to fit their needs.