Printed Paper Bags

Something I encounter daily is shopping bags. Customers know a company not just for our wonderful products but also for the beautiful detail that is put into the design of our bags. Our bags are printed paper bags, and they come in several sizes and shapes. What we always hope for is that the company has designed the bags in the most appropriate sizes for the products that will go in them. This year we have more sizes than ever! Stores may end up using either a very small bag for one item or the very large bag, which will hold two or three gift boxes. So one or two of the medium sized bags ends up not getting used by us as often.

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Our bags have paper rope string handles, which are very attractive, and strong as well as comfortable for the customer. They are very strong and rarely rip. Occasionally a customer will request a double bag if they are purchasing many large or heavy items and they want to assure that the bag doesn’t break on their way to the car. I don’t blame them!

Sometimes retailers would like to use our paper shopping bags as actual gift bags. They are that good looking. We will accommodate them when we can on this, but we do also offer them other forms of wrapping bags besides our shopping bags.

Printed paper bags with a company’s logo or mascot or even just their name make a great free form of advertising, and I’ve heard people say many times that they will carry around a company’s shopping bag to advertise a store that they love. This is fantastic for everybody!