Poly Bags for Food Use

The holidays are coming up and the first Black Friday advertisements arrived today. Black Friday is just one week away, so the sale was called “pre Black Friday sale.” Before shoppers hit the retail stores, they will be buying food and drinks for Thanksgiving dinners and family gatherings. Many types of poly bags will be used to transport raw and prepared food from stores to homes, offices and parties.

Poly bags for food use include the type of plastic bag used approved for direct food contact. These bags include slide lock bags, slide lock bags, bread bags and as stand up pouches. Most poly bags of these bags are custom printed with store or company name and logo.

ice bags

Other bags used to transport food but do not come into direct contact with the food itself, include grocery store bags and ice cream poly bags. These poly bags are used to transport wrapped and pre-packaged food. These poly bags are also custom printed.

Ice bags are safe for food contact and USDA approved. These are one of the most common poly bags for use with food. Custom printed ice bags are seen every day on the at large chain supermarkets and small, local convenience stores. An ice bag printed with a company name and logo is the best way to get consumers to identify your product!

Even a simple product like a poly ice bag can be custom printed with many options. Ice bags are constructed out of 2 millimeter low density polyethylene, come in a large variety of sizes and meet all FDA and USDA specifications for food contact.

Adart sells a variety of poly bags that are safe for food contact. Poly bags for food use come in clear and colored varieties. These plastic bags are USDA approved for food contact. Bags can be custom printed with your company name and logo.