Plastic Zip lock Bags

Plastic zip lock bags are a great bag to store any type of item that needs to be sealed. The seal on our zip lock bags creates an almost perfect barrier that are perfect for perishable items that you want to store for up to a week.

We would not recommend the use of zip lock bags if you want to maintain the consistency of an item for longer than a week. Zip lock bags are also perfect for small items such as nails, nuts, bolts, small jewelry, or anything else that is small and needs to have a seal that can open and reclose. This is why zip lock bags are called reclosable bags.

Zip lock bags typically come in 2 mil and 4 mil. 2 mil zip lock bags are good for everyday items that do not have sharp end or have significant weight. 4 mil zip lock bags are for heavier items or items that have sharp edges. That standard stock sizes of zip lock bags range from 2 x 3 al the way up to 18 x 20. Usually after that zip lock bags will need to be custom made if you want a larger size or gauge. Another type of zip lock bag is a zip lock bag with a write on white block. This enables you to write on the zip lock bag, so you know what the contents are inside.

Zip lock bags can also be custom printed. Custom printed zip lock bags can be printed up to 8 colors including process print.