Plastic Bag Manufacturer, Importer, or Middleman, these days it’s pretty hard to tell the difference!

These days everyone calls themselves a plastic bag manufacturer, but what does that really mean? The plastic bag industry is nothing like it was 30 years ago. Back then, there was a tremendous need for plastic bags by all the domestic manufacturers in the United States. Plastic bag manufacturers were everywhere supplying the manufacturing base with plastic bags that were actually manufactured in their factory. Row after row of extruders turned low-density polyethylene pellets into film that was then converted into every shape and size of plastic bag.

Unfortunately, due to the globalization of our economy most of the small to mid-size plastic bag manufacturers are no longer in business. The industries that once thrived in the United States are either no longer on our shores or struggling to survive. In an effort to stay competitive, more and more companies purchase their industrial plastic bags overseas, with China being one of the largest suppliers. As for domestic companies that represent themselves as plastic bag manufacturers, there is a better chance than not they are purchasing those bags from either overseas or one of the larger plastic bag manufacturers still in business in the USA. By the way, that is not necessarily a bad thing for you the consumer.

There are many honorable well run companies that specialize in working with plastic bag manufacturers. These companies are able to offer the same if not better pricing coupled with a higher quality experience for the customer. Most plastic bag manufacturers depend on these companies to bring them business, as they account for a large percentage of their annual sales. The most important thing when sourcing custom plastic bags is to make sure the plastic bag company regardless if they are an actual plastic bag manufacturer has been in the industry for a long time and has a good reputation.