Ordering Printed Poly Bags

Printed poly bags are a great way to market your product regardless if it’s a printed poly bag used for product packaging or a printed poly bag used as a retail shopping bag. When ordering printed poly bags used for retail or promotional purposes, remember they are usually printed in multiple colors in either spot (separated) or process print.

printed poly bags

Most printed poly bags are manufactured utilizing a flexographic printing process. Poly Bag manufacturers buy the film for the printed poly bag, then print the bag inline. At this point the printed film is called roll stock.  The poly bag manufacturer then takes the printed roll stock and converts it into printed poly bags. 

The reason why a poly bag manufacturer will assign a percentage over or under on the amount of printed poly bags produced is because they must convert the entire amount of printed roll stock.  The final number of printed poly bags the poly bag manufacturer makes is dependent on how much waste was incurred when setting up the printing press and machinery to convert the printed roll stock into the final printed poly bags.