Gusseted Plastic Bags

When talking about gusseted plastic bags. Also, most poly liners have side gussets to accommodate extra loads that are being put into them, whether they are garbage bags or plastic bags to fit over an item…usually a large item! Bottom gusseted plastic bags are not as popular as side gusseted plastic bags when they are small, but when you start getting into larger plastic bags, specifically promotional plastic bags or plastic bags for retail applications, bottom gusseted bags are very popular. This is because the bottom gusset enables customers to put more product into the bag as it expands on the bottom. Finally, there are plastic bags that have both side gussets and bottom gussets. A good example of this would be a reusable non woven polypropylene bag, which is commonly known as a reusable bag. These bags open both on the side and the bottom, which enable them to accommodate a much larger area of products that are placed into them. Some other plastic bags that have both gussets are frosted plastic shoppers and hi density loop handle shoppers. It should be noted that if a plastic bag has both a bottom and side gusset, both gussets are typically the same size.