Guidelines for printing bags and boxes

Printing your bags and boxes with your company information is always a very smart advertising tool. We want you to love your final product; as such we have put together a basic guideline that will help you make the best decisions when choosing a printed plastic bag. With over 40 years of experience we can guide you to the exact printed bag that will fit your application.

We have seen beautiful artworks misrepresented or ruined by poor planning, which is why you should only deal with a company who specializes in only plastic bags. Read carefully and plan ahead, so your brand will look its best when handed out to your customer:
• Borders on a logo often do not print or hot stamp well. If your logo has outlines or borders, consider making a solid version of it.
• PMS stands for Pantone Matching System and it’s the standard by which you choose the ink color to be use to print your artwork. Be aware that these colors display different on each computer monitor, depending on the resolution, so expect some changes and variations compared to the actual art work you will see on the plastic bag film.

• Heavy coverage combined with fine lines will not always print or hot stamp well.
• On two color jobs, registration can move from 1/8” to ½” depending on logo and the type of bag. For this reason, no two bags will look exactly the same, since there may be some slight difference in position from one to the other.
Printed plastic bags have eye spots (small solid rectangular box printed at the bottom corner of the bag) which are necessary for print registration.
• All 100% bleed jobs need plates 1” larger than the bag. The best results when printing 100% bleed is obtained when using solid colors on the border, consider encasing your artwork for better results.

• Have a high resolution pdf of the art work ready. Our art department will tell you about any discrepancies or possible problems that may be encounter when printing on your bags.