Plastic Mailers and Envelopes

Plastic first class mailers are poly envelopes and polyethylene pouches used to send USPS first class mail. Padded mailers protect items that are delicate but not especially fragile. First class mailer pouches are made of Polyethylene or co-extruded film.

Types of USPS first class mailers include:


Use first class mailers to ship parcels while saving money. Many items that typically shipped in a small box can be sent via USPS mail service in a first class mailer. For example, mail order or online purchases can be shipped to the customer in an envelope rather than a box. Small flexible items such a clothing is frequently shipped this way.

USPS Approved Mailers are used to ship non-breakable gift items and save money. A purchase that needs protection during shipping can be wrapped in tissue paper or a small plastic bag then placed in a first class mail envelope. USPS Approved Mailers are cheaper than boxes to ship because they weigh less and are not as thick.

Many first class mail envelopes also protect against moisture. These mailers are made of low-density polyethylene or co-extruded film and are used to protect any parcel that may be damaged by moisture. Items that should be shipped this way mailer include irreplaceable documents, delicate gifts, photos, and food items.