Difference between a regular Plastic Bag & Polypropylene Bag?

When considering packaging options that requires a clear bag, there are two basic types of film you can choose from. The first is what’s called low density polyethylene, which what most people would call a regular plastic bag.  Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is a very strong plastic, this type of plastic bag has an elastic quality to it, which is perfect for packaging heavier items, or items that may have a sharp edge.  LDPE plastic bags can be manufactured in a variety of gauges to accommodate the type of item that is being put in the plastic or poly bag.

The one downside to LDPE plastic bags is that although they are clear, they are not “crystal clear”.  If you want a plastic bag that is crystal clear, then the type of film you want the plastic bag to be constructed from is called polypropylene.  Polypropylene bags are the perfect type of bag when you want the absolute best exposure for your product.  Typically polypropylene bags are made from 1.2 mil to about 3 mil.

The one downside to polypropylene bags is that any items that may have a sharp corner can puncture the bag.  Any plastic bag can be punctured, but die to the rigidness of polypropylene; it is much easier to do so.  Both Low density polyethylene and polypropylene bags can be manufactured with a variety of options including headers, lip and tape, hang holes, and of course they can be printed.

Adart Poly Bag is a New York based manufacturer of both Polypropylene and low density poly bags.

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