Custom Poly Bags from AdArt Poly Bag

What is a poly bag?

polyethylene tubing for custom poly bags Header Bags are a type of custom poly bags custom poly bags

In order to explain the benefit of custom poly bags, we need to first delve into what a poly bag is. Poly stands for Polyethylene, which is the most commonly used plastic in the world. A poly bag simply refers to any plastic bag that is constructed with Polyethylene.

When businesses need plastic bags, whatever the reason, they can select from two different types of Polyethylene, High Density (HDPE) or Low Density (LDPE). Most plastic bags are currently made from Low Density because it provides strength but is also flexible. Some businesses chose High Density bags because they are very strong, tear resistant and stiff.

Another type of poly bag is made from Polypropylene. It has the highest clarity and protects against vapors and moisture. For more information on the differences of plastic bags and standard industry sizes, review our Plastic Bag Education page.

What Industries Use Poly Bags?

Poly bags are used in almost every industry today. Some common industrial applications poly bags are:

  • Automated packaging machinery (especially for food products)
  • Industrial poly liners used to hold all sorts of products, debris and waste
  • Medical industry for surgical procedures, storage of bio hazard waste, and to protect instruments
  • Promotional and retail industries
  • E-commerce sites or other online retail businesses use poly mailers to help ship their products safely and securely

Benefits of Custom Poly Bags

Poly Bags are a common item that most businesses purchase on a routine basis. But having them custom printed gives you the most bang for your buck. Although they might be a little more expensive up front, custom poly bags are a great marketing tool and serve as a walking billboard for your business.

Have you ever been to a mall and see people walking around? You can tell immediately what stores they have shopped at based on the types of bags they carry. If you see someone walking around with “A Little Brown Bag” you know they made a purchase at Bloomingdales.

Another benefits of having a custom printed poly bag is the fact that many people believe that companies that have their own bag are more upscale than those who have generic plastic bags. Generic plastic bags that are commonly found at food takeout places and convenient stores don’t have the reputation of being sturdy. Spending a little more money can give you a higher quality bag and make your business seem more legitimate.

Why Order Custom Poly Bags with AdArty Poly Bag

We have been in the custom poly bag industry for over 50 years! We have 5 warehouses located all over the United States which means that rush service is available for certain products. No matter how complex or simple your logo or design may be, we can print up to 8 different colors. If you are looking for a poly bag for your business, take a look at our product line.

If you are interested in ordering your own custom poly bag, please contact us by filling out the Quote Request Form, sending us a direct email to or give us a call at 516-932-1001.