Christmas Buzz – It’s all in the packaging

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about gifts, Christmas shopping lists, and holiday programming. It’s a great idea to have the essentials ready ahead of time to prevent last-minute runs to the dollar store to get “what you missed”. This article is the first installment of a series of Christmas specials presented to you by Adart Poly Bag.

One of the last items we think about, and one that is extremely necessary, is your gift wrapping. For this reason, at Adart Poly Bag, we have put together a list of supplies and wrapping ideas, so you can plan ahead for hassle-free season.

In regards to supplies, you will at least need the following:
• Gift Wrap
• Ribbons
• Scissors
• Tape
• Cards
• Gift tags

And with that out of the way, here are some great ideas for those extra special presents:
Gift Boxes: At Adart Poly Bag we carry hundreds of different sizes and styles of gift boxes.

You can give your present this year beautifully encased on a colorful box. Also, a great alternative is to buy a package of candles or beauty products and re-pack them yourself in smaller gift boxes.

Tissue Paper: Tissue can make any gift seem more festive. You can use it for lining gift boxes, to cushion delicate items, inside cello bags, or even to use as gift paper. You can even place a bulk order of assorted colors tissue paper to match your gift boxes.

Polypropylene Bags: A great solution to package your handmade cakes and candies. What better gift than the one made with love. These polypropylene bags are great for conserving aromas and freshness. They are specially designed for food contact.

Check again soon for more great ideas for the holidays.