Case Studies

Case Study – Mikimoto


Mikimoto, creator of cultured pearls in 1893, needed a small quantity of printed zip lock plastic bags for their precious products. For protection purposes, the film used for the bags had to be really thick, without getting cloudy. The perfect gauge would be 3 mil, which is not a standard gauge for zip lock plastic bags. They needed a solution fast and Adart Poly Bag Inc. delivered.


Adart Poly Bag Inc. custom made the required plastic bags to Mikimoto’s exact specifications. Since extra protection was desired for their highly valued goods, the zipper was carefully stamped for a perfect and secure closure. The film was a full 3 mil, which gave the plastic bags sufficient strength, while retaining full clarity.


Adart Poly Bag Inc. produced a high quality bag, in a short period of time, with the exact quantity Mikimoto desired, making the project extremely cost effective.

Case Study – Zion


Zion is a distributor of Jamaican products. They were looking for a vivid package for their tasteful “Jamaican bammy”, which will preserve the freshness and aromas of their food. They needed a clear bag with the exact size for a perfect fit, so the product wouldn’t move around loose and disintegrate.


Adart Poly Bag Inc. made samples for product testing, to find the right size. The print was centered on the bag to match the size of the “bammy” for a glowing look.


The whole job was finished in a matter of weeks, before being shipped internationally to its final destination. Adart Poly Bag Inc. created exactly what Zion envisioned, assuring them of success for their product in the market place.

Case Study – Spencer Forrest


Spencer Forrest is a company that provides solutions for hair loss. They had a trade show coming up and decided a Printed Die Cut bag will boost their presence at the show. The problem was they were a week away from the event!


Adart Poly Bag Inc. rushed their order, making the printed job in a record four days! Spencer Forrest had the plastic bags delivered three days before deadline, which allowed them not to worry about the bags and concentrate on other aspects of their business. Adart Poly Bag Inc. guided Spencer Forrest through the whole process from artwork to printing. We even provided hard copies of the art in minutes for their approval!


The Company had the plastic bags at their door sooner than the due date. The trade show was a success and their product’s name was displayed on the printed plastic bag everybody was carrying at the show!

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