Packaging your products

Product packaging may seem a trivial part of the promotion experience, but it can be the most important part of your product presentation. You display your product to the customer through its packaging in the same way that you make yourself up to present yourself to the world every day. The way you package your product is worth more than a thousand words when convincing your customers to go for your product. Everything needs to be taken into account: the shape, size, and appearance of the packaging, color and design, the convenience of using the packaging, etc.

There are many ways to package and label products. One of the most efficient ways is to print colorful logos and product information on the packaging itself. You can brand everything from the boxes, tissue paper, poly bags, ribbons, even the tape you use to seal everything together. But before you go crazy, let’s start with the basics. The first thing to consider is the nature of your product. Here is a quick guideline for the most common situations:

Does your product need to keep the aromas or moisture? The best film to package candy, flours, dried flowers, candles, or any product with scents is definitely polypropylene and cello. These bags have outstanding moisture and vapor barrier which extends the shelf life of the items like aromatic candles or food. Please check our vast inventory of polypropylene bags. All these products can be customized and printed.

Do you need faster packing and great looks? Consider using wicketted printed poly bags with serrations for fast tear off and heat sealing after loading. Check our portfolio for more ideas.

Are you packing food or need to keep the bags in the freezer? Most of our inventory is FDA approved. When you are ready to custom print your poly bags, please make sure to request FDA approved plastic. If your product must be kept in the freezer, we can add EVA (an additive that won’t allow the plastic to stick to your product while frozen)

Every product has its particularities, remember we are here to help you find the best packaging for your products.