How to Save Money when Purchasing Custom Printed Paper Bags

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For the past 18 months the United States and the world economy for that matter has been in a major recession. It appears the good times have come to an end for a while, and companies are learning to adjust their spending, especially when it comes to items that they are not selling to make a profit on. When annual costs are reviewed and budgets are made, one of the first categories people look at are supplies. As packaging, (and specifically Custom Printed Paper Bags) are considered a supply, companies worldwide are looking for ways to reduce the amount of money being spent on these items.

Sometimes this thinking can be penny wise and pound foolish, as quality Custom Printed Paper Bags are a great and inexpensive form of marketing, and not just simply a “supply”. Custom Printed Paper Bags are beautiful to look at, serve an actual function (which is more than can be said regarding print ads), and tend to be used more than once, thus increasing the amount of times the marketplace will see your companies logo and information. So it is just good business to make sure you put your best foot forward when manufacturing Custom Printed Paper Bags.

In reality, what needs to be done is a reevaluation of your packaging needs. During the “headier” years, some companies didn’t think twice regarding the type of Custom Printed Paper Bags they were purchasing. They purchased Custom Printed Paper Bags made from heavier material, with intricate handles, and had complicated art. If you concentrate just on these 3 area’s your company save money, and while it may not seem like much, when you print thousands or tens of thousands Custom Printed Paper Bags, those little savings add up.

How can you Save Money Manufacturing Custom Printed Paper Bags?

1. First of all, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a premium Custom Paper Bag. The least expensive paper bag in the market place is a Kraft Paper Bag. Though that may not sound like an upscale type of bag, take a look at some of the bags that higher end retail stores use. Once of the largest department Stores in the world is famous for their bag, and it’s merely a twisted handle paper bag printed 1 color on 2 sides. They created a unique brand with their twisted handle paper bags by coming up with a unique saying, which is known worldwide!It isn’t the bag that people have come to known, it’s the unique phrase that’s printed on the bag and “how the print is laid out”, and a plain Kraft twisted handle paper bag is extremely economical, even in smaller runs of 1000. All you need to do is customize a Kraft paper bag with a catchy saying or a logo that is very unique. Also, Twisted Handle Paper Bags are very eco friendly, so not only will you have created a unique upscale bag, but an eco friendly bag to boot! And as anyone knows these days, showing your customers that you care about the environment is just good business.

2. What if your brand requires a higher end Custom Printed Paper Bag? If you are looking for a Custom Printed Paper Bag, the options are endless, and the question now becomes, what are the features you value most when it comes to Custom Paper Bags that appeal to a higher end segment of the market? Remember, the more features and more intricate the art is, the more the bag is going to cost. If you stick with the stock colors that the manufacturer offers, you will save money. Most manufacturers can manufacturer any custom color you want, but that will result in a higher price. Also, think about the type of handle you want on the bag. The most economical handle, will be a die cut handle, which is basically a die cut hole punched through the paper. If you want a handle that “extends” from the top of the paper bag, you can opt for a twisted paper handle, this is also an economic choice. After that you are going to start to pay more for handles such as cotton rope or ribbon handles. One good piece of advice for those of you that chose this option is instead of a cotton rope or ribbon handle on your paper bag, go for a cord made from polyethylene. With any of these options, the thicker the handle, the more money you will pay.

(Printed Colored on Kraft Paper Merchandise Bags)

3. Think about the thickness and the type of paper you want to use to manufacture your Custom Paper Bag.

Thicker is not always better. Paper comes in a variety of weights. If you are selling T Shirts, it would not make sense for you to use a heavier paper for your bags, as it will be over kill. Paper is a commodity, so the thinner the weight, the less money it will cost you. If you are looking for a higher end paper bag, you can either use a heavier paper or laminated paper stock. Laminated paper stock can be made in gloss or matte. Both of which will cost more than regular paper.

4. Plan your order well in advance.
As with anything in this world, time is money. If you give your bag manufacturer the standard amount of lead-time they require to manufacture the bags, you will have much more leverage in negotiating the price. To go one step further, if you contact your manufacturer well in advance of your order, they might be willing to offer you even more favorable pricing, as they will have the opportunity to see if they can run your order with a similar job, which will save them money on production.You should definitely avoid placing your paper bag order as a rush order (outside the normal lead time the manufacturer requires to make the bags). You will have absolutely no power to negotiate and you will probably have to pay a premium or a rush charge to boot. You will also be faced with increased freight charges, as your Custom Printed Paper Bags will probably be finished at the last minute and you will be forced to scramble in getting your bags to their destination.

One last cost saving option is to price out Custom Printed Paper Bags that are manufactured overseas. Typically you will enjoy a significant price savings when working with an importer of Custom Printed Paper Bags. The minimums to manufacturer overseas are usually higher than domestic made bags, but if you have the quantity and lead time (10 to 12 weeks from art approval), this is an option worth checking out.

5. Always take advantage of price breaks.
Review your monthly bag usage. If you use 2000 bags a month, it might make sense for you to order a 6 or 12 month supply. Not only will you save on freight, but most custom paper bag manufacturers price their bags according to quantity, the more you order, the lower the price. This is primarily because most of the cost is in the set up, and regardless if your paper bag manufacturer makes 1000 paper bags or 10,000 paper bags, once the machines are running their cost per bag goes down significantly, which means you will save money.

6. Shop around, and once you find a custom paper bag manufacturer that you feel can meet you needs, start a dialogue with them.

There are literally thousands of custom paper bag manufacturers in the market place. It is very important to make sure they are a reputable company, as you are entrusting them with a vital component of your business operations with them. Ask them what companies they have done jobs for, references, and what their policy is if they do not meet your lead time or manufacture defective product, and always get it in writing! There are hundreds of message boards on the Internet, so it would be worth your while to check them out and see if they are mentioned on any of them. Discuss with them your exact needs. Ask them if they will be running a custom paper bag that is similar to the type of paper bag you are looking to manufacture. If they are, ask them if you can piggyback on that order. Most importantly, be extremely clear as to what you want. A good custom paper bag manufacturer will guide you through the process, and should offer you multiple options regarding every aspect of your order.

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Adart Poly Bag is a vertically integrated manufacturer, distributor, and importer of custom paper and plastic bags. They have been in business since 1967, and offer the highest quality products and customer service, at extremely competitive prices. For more information, please visit their site or call 516-932-1001.

Difference between a regular Plastic Bag & Polypropylene Bag?

When considering packaging options that requires a clear bag, there are two basic types of film you can choose from. The first is what’s called low density polyethylene, which what most people would call a regular plastic bag.  Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is a very strong plastic, this type of plastic bag has an elastic quality to it, which is perfect for packaging heavier items, or items that may have a sharp edge.  LDPE plastic bags can be manufactured in a variety of gauges to accommodate the type of item that is being put in the plastic or poly bag.

The one downside to LDPE plastic bags is that although they are clear, they are not “crystal clear”.  If you want a plastic bag that is crystal clear, then the type of film you want the plastic bag to be constructed from is called polypropylene.  Polypropylene bags are the perfect type of bag when you want the absolute best exposure for your product.  Typically polypropylene bags are made from 1.2 mil to about 3 mil.

The one downside to polypropylene bags is that any items that may have a sharp corner can puncture the bag.  Any plastic bag can be punctured, but die to the rigidness of polypropylene; it is much easier to do so.  Both Low density polyethylene and polypropylene bags can be manufactured with a variety of options including headers, lip and tape, hang holes, and of course they can be printed.

Adart Poly Bag is a New York based manufacturer of both Polypropylene and low density poly bags.

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