Composting your lawn leaves, the easy way

Here is a neat idea to get the best use out of your plastic bag. You can compost your lawn leaves very easily by using a plastic bag, no compost bin required! Leaf compost (also called leaf mold) returns nitrogen, carbon and micronutrients to your soil, adds valuable organic matter and helps soil retain moisture better. Make sure to use black plastic bags like the garbage bags we offer under our industrial section. Here is how to do it:

First: Let your mower do the heavy work. A lawn mower sucks up leaves off the lawn, chops them up into small pieces that decompose fast and mixes them with grass clippings, which further help to the decomposition process.

Second: Take a large, heavy-duty black plastic bag and make several holes in it. Transfer the leaf pieces from the mower into this bag. You can fill the plastic bag ¾ of the way full. Add a shovel-full of garden soil. If the leaves are dry, you also need to add water. Basically, the whole mixture should feel like the muddy path in the park right after a rainy afternoon. Make sure that even the leaves at the bottom of the plastic bag have the correct moisture level.

Finally, loosely tie the top of the plastic garbage bags and put it aside in your yard or any other convenient but airy place. Every couple of weeks, give the plastic bag a shake. After about 6 months, open up the bag and check on the leaf compost. If it is dark, powdery and you can’t see any leaf particles, it’s finished. If you can still identify leaves, tie the bag up again, give it a good shake and wait a few more months.